Weekly Newletter Marech20th, Lent Continues

Weekly Newletter Marech20th, Lent Continues

Worship – March 20th
Lent Continues
Masking is Optional
Coffee – Fellowship after Worship
Bulletin Attached
See you tomorrow 🙂

Good morning. Another week of praying and hoping, hoping and praying for an end to war and for justice to reign.

How are you doing? There is so much going on in and around the world. I hope you are taking time for yourself. I hope that you are making time for others. It is easy to forget the needs of others when we are besieged with the painful images hourly coming out of Ukraine.

This week our lectionary text leads us into an age old question – “Do We Get What We Deserve?” It has many parallel sayings, “what goes around comes around.”

Our text is found in Luke 13:1-9. Pilot had killed some Galileans in a most cruel way and the talk of the town was “they got what they deserved.” Everyone waited for Jesus to weigh in and he did.

We will also look at his reply as well as the parable of the Parable of the Barren Fig Tree. “The God of second chances” or “Turn or Burn.” A parable that is looked at in many different ways.

Our zoom link for tomorrow is listed below. All of our Sunday services and our special services use the same zoom meeting so in case you are ever looking for the zoom information you can keep this handy and / or you can head over to our web page at www.McHenryFUMC.org where it is always listed.

Join Zoom Meeting

Stay safe, courageous and I hope you were able to enjoy today.
Pastor Kurt

Masking ‘Optional’

The church council announced that we are going to allow people to decide if they want to wear a mask or choose to continue to wear a mask while in the church building and during our Sunday services.
It remains our hope that if you are not fully vaccinated for your safety and the safety of others that you continue to wear a mask. It is just a request as we have no way of knowing anyone’s vaccination status.

Since implementing this approach it is about 50 – 50 people who are wearing masks and those who are not.

We are back on with coffee – tea – treats after Sunday worship.

Are you willing to help supply some of the goodies. The coffee – tea and all the liquid fixings are there and we still have some grab and go goodies but we are looking to resume the ‘good’ in ‘goodies.’

If you are willing to cover a Sunday or would like to work with someone else to cover a Sunday there is a sign up sheet in the fellowship area or you can respond to this email….. Our stomachs and our conversations thank you.

We thought we would attach the bulletin to our newsletter at least for a few weeks. We welcome your feedback if this helpful or meaningful in any way.

It is attached here.


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