Weekly Newletter April 10th Palm Sunday

Weekly Newletter April 10th Palm Sunday

Worship – April 10th
Comfort, Learning,Teachers and Holy Week
Good Friday
Church Building Upkeep
Easter Invitation
A New Way for Sunday –
Community Dinner
See you tomorrow 🙂

Comfort and its counterpart have been on many a radar lately. All of the energy towards Critical Race Theory (CRT) has to do with information ‘making’ someone uncomfortable. In particular it would be, whites. That when we hear, much less learn about the brutal ways Africans were seized, transported and enslaved here, it might be an affront to our sensitive sensibilities. Such information might make us, uncomfortable.

And recent legislation passed in Florida and proposed in over ten states would effectively ban any conversation around sexuality. It reports to say it might some uncomfortable. Don’t worry that as it has been touted – “It never says, “Don’t Say Gay”” that is in part its genius. The wording of the bill is intentionally ambiguous wherein it leaves any conversation about anything other than hetero-normality at risk. For instance, a gay or lesbian teacher having a picture of his/her partner on their desk and upon being asked “teacher who is that?” any descriptor that goes beyond naming them would put the teacher at risk of being sued. In explaining the need for this bill, the Florida’s governor’s office has also said the bill is needed because it an anti-grooming bill.

Teachers have at a minimum 4 years of college education, training and yearly mandatory continuing education. In light of this assult, for all their expertise and learning, how can they help but feel unappreciated, and uncomfortable. Teachers are leaving in droves in Florida. Currently they have over 5,000 vacancies, over 1,300 for teachers of children with special needs and the number who have expressed they are ‘done’ at years end will push these numbers significantly higher.

Teachers I have talked with almost universally express how the attention span and behavior of the kids has dropped significantly because of and after the pandemic. Their work is already hard. They do it because they love children and want the very best for them. Teachers deserve our respect and support for the work they do, not suspicion that is ginned up because of political aspirations.

As Jesus rode into Jerusalem, he was tolerated by the powers at be. But as he taught in the temple and interacted with the people during Holy Week that would change. Jesus would have to go. The authorities were not used to feeling uncomfortable especially while watching the marginalized be comforted and uplifted. As we follow in Jesus’ footsteps might we find our actions of bringing hope, healing and justice into the lives of those demeaned by those who grasp for power. When we do, we will bring comfort to the deserving and we will likely make those clutching power feel uncomfortable. I say so be it, it is a small price to pay to do the work of Jesus.

Our zoom link for tomorrow is listed below. All of our Sunday services and our special services use the same zoom meeting so in case you are ever looking for the zoom information you can keep this handy and / or you can head over to our web page at www.McHenryFUMC.org where it is always listed.

Join Zoom Meeting

Stay safe, courageous and I hope you were able to enjoy today.
Pastor Kurt

Good Friday
A witness
to sacrifice

Throughout history individuals have made great sacrifices on behalf of others. This Friday as a people who follow Christ we once again remember the ultimate sacrifice he made on our behalf. We will do this with a service of remembrance called the tenebrae.

During the service we light candles representing the calling of the disciples and then as the service progresses and the disciples fall away from Jesus their candles are extinguished.

I have had people say that Easter became far more meaningful after they attended the Good Friday service. If you have never attended a Good Friday service why not have this year’s be the first. We will gather at 7pm,

Capital Fund Opportunity

As a congregation we want to invest in our church home, bringing to the church the same standards we expect for our homes.

In being good landlords of our church, the Trustees are looking at replacing 8 worn out windows on the main floor of the church. Two windows in the nursery, one window in the nursery restroom and 5 windows in the parlor. The estimated cost is $6,400. We are asking you to prayerfully consider donating $50, $100 or any amount larger of smaller to help cover the cost of maintaining our beautiful church.

If you choose to support this improvement project for your Easter giving, please note on your Easter envelope, “window replacements “.

We appreciate any and all support for this repair project.
Arne Waltmire on behalf of the Trustee committee

I used to say with confidence – Easter is one of the best times of the year to invite someone.

And…. it still is.

So why not be thinking / praying about whom you may ask to join you this Easter at our sunrise service at 6am over on the north side beach of McCullom Lake or here on site at 9:00am.

A warm invitation especially to someone whom otherwise will spend the day alone might really be appreciated. Give it some thought……


There are few things I have been asked about more than ‘our Sunday dinner.’ Once a month we would have a community dinner for any who wanted to attend. Over the years it has been a wonderful way to serve the community and the community it served was very grateful.

Times change and so now has our opportunity for the Sunday dinner. We have been asked and gladly will be taking part in serving dinner at the PADS center located two miles south of town. We have signed up for the first Sunday of every month beginning in May.

We have offered to take a meal to serve around 35 late Sunday afternoon. The break out is – Main Meal, Side Dish and Dessert each for 35.

We are looking for those who would like to be directly involved in preparing and or delivering the meal. And those who would be willing to support the ministry with a special designated gift.

To give to help defray the cost – make a donation to the church and mark it “PADS dinner.” To find out more about any part of the actual meal prep and delivery you can reach out to Bonnie Rudolph at bonrudolph1@ymail.com.

We are excited to get back at this and look forward to your enthusiastic support.

April 15 – Good Friday Service, 7:00 pm

April 17 – Easter Sunrise Service at Peterson Park, 6:00 am
Sanctuary Worship at 9:00am Invite Your Friends

April 18 – Staff Parish Meeting on Zoom 6:30

May 1 – Troop 131 Pancake Breakfast & Silent Auction
8:00 am – noon

May 1 – Meal prep for PADS dinner, 1:30-4pm

May 8 – Blanket Sunday offering for Church World Services

May 17 – Troop 131 Feed My Starving Children
Trip to Libertyville at 6:15 pm.
Contact Karla Zander if interested in attending

June 4 – Missions trip to Feed My Starving Children
Trip to Libertyville at 10:15 am.
Contact Pat Wilson if interested in attending

July 16 – Arts in the Park Food Stand Fundraiser

UMW Events
April 21 – UMW Luncheon, 12:00 pm
Bring a sandwich; dessert and drinks are provided.
Bonnie Rudolph will share Master Gardening tips with us.

May 4 – Hannah Circle, 9:30 am


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