What’s Your Problem

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Sermon Notes

What’s Your Problem…. “What’s My Problem?”
This morning I invited us to think about our own short comings…. At a time when it is really easy to see the faults in others. We can be quick to label ‘others’ as a problem. We can never get past our bias if we are blind to it.
Our scripture lesson was Matthew 15:19-28. The story of a Canaanite woman who like any parent wanted healing for her daughter. If you want to jump around in the service, we begin with our words of welcome, three minutes in we have our trio singing, ‘Pass it On’ and ‘Sanctuary’; at the eight minute mark Eloise Leighty reads our gospel lesson; the morning message begins at the 10 minute mark; 33 minutes in we have our collective prayer time and at 50 minutes we shared time of offering and a closing reflective video.
We hope and pray that you’ll find this morning service meaningful and if you do we would love to have you share it on your own personal social media. Thanks, and have a wonderful and blessed day.