Every Tuesday & Thursday around 4 PM, Pastor Kurt reads children’s books live on our Facebook Page.
Take a look at some of his past readings. These are just a sample. All readings are on our Facebook page.
  • Kurt Reads Some Halloween Stories (10/27/2020) - Hey Kids.... I am trying to get back on schedule.... A bit late but here are two fun books.... Halloween is coming up so a book about "Trick or Treat" and then a story of a boy who wanted an unusual pet so why not.... A Pet Dragon..... Lots of fun. Thanks for watching
  • Kurt Reads About a Cat, a Turtle, & Elmo (8/20/2020) -
  • Kurt Reads Two Fun Books About Dragons (8/11/2020) - Two fun books about dragons.... The first a 'foodie' book - "Dragons Love Tacos". And what do you like to eat? The second "The Knight and the Dragon" they both were not very good about fighting - which I was glad to hear and so they take up new hobbies at the end. Enjoy. Please be sure to take a look at all the wonderful stories here in my 'Kurt reads Kid's Books" feed.
  • Kurt Reads “I Am Fine” and “I Can Yell Louder.” (8/11/2020) -  
  • Kurt Reads “Who Belongs Here?” (7/16/2020) - Today we read the story “Who Belongs Here?” It’s called an American story. It follows the journey of a young boy named Nary, who was hungry and frightened and who escaped Cambodia along with his grandmother and found refuge in Thailand. We hear about the discrimination that he experienced in the book challenges us to think about who belongs here.