May Day 2022- Boy Scout Pancake Breakfast

May Day 2022

Boy Scout Pancake Breakfast

A New Denomination is Born

Why Denominations Matter – Methodism and Grace

Church Building Upkeep

Blanket Sunday

Serving Community Dinner

a new way

May Day 1 Bulletin

See you Sunday πŸ™‚




Are you getting hungry? Or perhaps ‘hangry’? That is what a friend says he suffers from when he is so hungry that he becomes angry. No excuses tomorrow. Our Boy Scout Troop 131 will be serving up their all you can eat pancake breakfast so come to our Sunday celebration then head downstairs for breakfast. Or come, eat and then head upstairs. Breakfast will be served from 8 to noon. A silent auction will also be held with all proceeds going to the scout program.





A New Denomination is Born


While we were sleeping this morning a new denomination was created. After years of internal struggle over the question of how to understand / welcome the gay and lesbian community there has been an ‘unofficial’ separation.


Space does not permit even a brief explanation of all this means and ultimately life here at First United Methodist Church of McHenry will change very little.


If you have questions feel free to share them by replying to this email and I can attempt to answer / respond to them them.


If you want to read about it THIS ARTICLE from our United Methodist News Agency give a good overview.





Sunday Fodder


The United Methodist Church came into being April 23, 1968. Many of us have lived most of our lives in that denomination. It seems timely then to spend a few weeks looking at what makes the Methodist Church and the United Methodist Church unique.


Tomorrow we will launch a four week series on “The Best Of Methodism” by looking at a pivotal experience in the life of our founder John Wesley. Grace. “It’s All About Grace”





Capital Fund Opportunity


As a congregation we want to invest in our church home, bringing to the church the same standards we expect for our homes.


In being good landlords of our church, the Trustees are looking at replacing 8 worn out windows on the main floor of the church. Two windows in the nursery, one window in the nursery restroom and 5 windows in the parlor. The estimated cost is $6,400. We are asking you to prayerfully consider donating $50, $100 or any amount larger of smaller to help cover the cost of maintaining our beautiful church.


If you choose to support this improvement project for your Easter giving, please note on your Easter envelope, β€œwindow replacements β€œ. 


We appreciate any and all support for this repair project.

Arne Waltmire on behalf of the Trustee committee






If you would like to support Blanket Sunday and the work of Church World Service and our United Methodist Women you can give directly to our church and mark it for “Blanket Sunday”







Tomorrow – May 1st is our launch date for Sunday Dinner a New Way.


We will be fixing the meal, sides and dessert for 40 people living at the PADS shelter just south of town.


It is a joint effort with St. Paul’s and In Christ We Are More than Conquerors. If you would like to help with tomorrow’s meal – we are still needing some financial assistance. Going forward there will be sign up sheets to help cook, deliver and financial support.


To help defray the cost – make a donation to the church and mark it “PADS dinner.” To find out more about any part of the actual meal prep and delivery you can reach out to Bonnie Rudolph at


We are excited to get back at this and look forward to your enthusiastic support.





Here is the bulletin for our May Day Service.

Click HERE.






May 1 – Troop 131 Pancake Breakfast & Silent Auction

8:00 am – noon


May 1 – Meal prep for PADS dinner, 1:30-4pm


May 8 – Blanket Sunday offering for Church World Services


May 17 – Troop 131 Feed My Starving Children

Trip to Libertyville at 6:15 pm.

Contact Karla Zander if interested in attending


June 4 – Missions trip to Feed My Starving Children

Trip to Libertyville at 11:30 am.

Contact Pat Wilson if interested in attending


July 16 – Arts in the Park Food Stand Fundraiser


UMW Events

April 21 – UMW Luncheon, 12:00 pm

Bring a sandwich; dessert and drinks are provided.

Bonnie Rudolph will share Master Gardening tips with us.


May 4 – Hannah Circle, 9:30 am




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