May 15th 2022 Methodism and Sharing the Faith

May 15th 2022

Methodism and Sharing the Faith

Remembering those lost to Covid

Helping with Fellowship Time

May 15th Bulletin

See you Tomorrow




Tomorrow we will continue our journey of what makes the United ‘Methodist’ denomination unique and special.


We began with our full embrace that God’s love and grace is present in our lives long before we are even aware of it. Last week was ‘okay then what?’ What comes next is a desire to live more like the one who has ‘saved’ us. Tomorrow ….. if living a life connected with God is so good we would want to share it…. right?


We would think….. so tomorrow what does it mean to share our faith with others in a way that is winsome.


As always you can also watch the service from the safety and convenience of your home. The zoom link is below.


Join Zoom Meeting


All of our Sunday services use the same zoom meeting so in case you are ever looking for the zoom information you can keep this handy and / or you can head over to our web page at where it is also listed.


Enjoy this fantastic day and stay safe and courageous as followers of Jesus.

Pastor Kurt





We Will



This week we were told we passed a grim milestone – one million have officially died from the COVID virus. Sadly that does not include those who put off cancer tests, those who were sent home from the hospital emergency room because there was no room for them and the many who choose to ignore their symptoms because they were afraid to leave their home.


The stories are heartbreaking. We also recently learned that the virus has left more than 1 million children orphaned.


Tomorrow in our 9am worship gathering you are invited to share the name and story of a family member or friend that you lost to COVID.


If you have a picture you can send it for our church service by replying to this email. If you do not plan on being in church this Sunday you may still send a picture of your family or friend along with a word about them and we will read it as a part of our Sunday gathering.





Willing to Help?


Week in and week out we have some goodies to snack and drink after church.


It would probably not surprise you that while they are magically delicious no little elf helps plate it up for us.


Lately, Marion Bacon and Denise Linebaugh have been carrying most of the load. They would welcome your help. Marion and Denise would love to share the joy with you. If you are here Sunday morning, please express to them your willingness to learn more about the ins and outs of serving in this way.





Click here to see tomorrow’s bulletin.






Monday, May 16th Church Council


May 17 – Troop 131 Feed My Starving Children

Trip to Libertyville at 6:15 pm.

Contact Karla Zander if interested in attending


May 23- Stewardship Meeting 



June 5 – Meal Preparation for PADS


June 25 – Missions trip to Feed My Starving Children

Trip to Libertyville at 11:30 am.

Contact Pat Wilson if interested in attending



July 16 – Arts in the Park Food Stand Fundraiser




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