Bio For Pastor Kurt Gamlin

Bishop Sally Dyck announces the following clergy appointment for the Northern Illinois Conference of The United Methodist Church, effective July 1, 2018:
Kurt Gamlin (Elder) to McHenry: First (Elgin District) from Woodstock: First (Elgin District). Kurt follows Scott McClellan who is retiring.

A Message from Pastor Kurt Gamlin


You may have heard one of the iconic lines from the movie, ‘The Wizard of Oz’ – “Toto we’re not in Kansas anymore.”

That’s exactly how I feel about pastoring these days.  First while I went to seminary for three years and was told, ‘how much I had learned’ the world has changed since then in ways that none of us ever could have imagined.  I either missed or slept thru the class that talked about what to do if a pandemic makes you close down Sunday worship.   I also missed all of the classes that taught us how best to connect to people via the internet. Oh yeah, there was no internet then.  And my pastoral ministry classes stressed one thing above all others – visit people. 

I am 0 for 3.  But I am just like many of you,  adapting. Elsewhere on our web page you will find the new ways I / we are connecting and bringing hope, healing and the inspiring message of Jesus.

We do our Sunday gathering using zoom and recently we have allowed people to sit in the sanctuary while it is live.  I do a daily Facebook Live every weekday at 11:30, read kids books Tuesday and Thursday at 4pm and Wednesday nights at 7pm I am leading a group discussion currently using Johann Hari’s book, ‘Lost Connections.’

Because we are limited in our ability to get together physically we are working all the harder looking for new ways to connect relationally. I must confess, I also missed the mind reading course in seminary, forgive me, so I will need your help coming to a better understanding of something you would like to try or do.  If something comes to mind please email me at  It might be a subject you would like to hear or talk about, feedback on what is or isn’t on our web page or anything you can think of…. We want to be here for you and with you.   

Thanks, wash your hands, wear a mask and be polite. I hope to hear from you.  

Pastor Kurt Gamlin